Large-scale farming is difficult in its own right, trying to keep everything on track, making sure the farm is working to its maximum capacity.

As is managing your staff; are they checking for pests, catching deficiencies and viruses before they happen to save you from catastrophic crop failure!

Driving up crop yields and improving quality through automation and smart cultivation can save your business a small fortune.

By using our smart technology, Phyllo, can save you money, time and effort to ensure your farm runs more efficiently and profitably — without you even being there!

So who are Phyllo?

Phyllo is a collaboration of people from the commercial horticulture industry, with over 50 years of experience within this field, combined with leading experts in artificial intelligence and technological innovation industry.

With the combined knowledge of its team, Phyllo has developed the next AI generation platform that manages security, environmental knowledge, human movement and crop management by utilising lidar technology.

How is Phyllo using lidar?

We will use lidar to monitor and care for plants. We will constantly analyse each crop’s daily growth and use the machine learning from the database, which stores the history of each previous scan. This will then prompt horticulturists / farm hands to tend to the given need of the plant spotting diseases within hours rather than days, therefore potentially saving whole crops from infections.

The lidar scanning will also provide enhanced security to the greenhouses, knowing which authorised personnel were on site at what time and guard against outside intrusion.

What will our technology do for you?

Our AI-driven plant cultivation management system uses emerging technologies, through its use of sensors and the accumulated data that will improve your;

  • Profit by driving down and eliminating costs.
  • Efficiency of key processes and people.
  • Monitoring across all the cultivation stages.
  • Yield.
  • Timely interventions and decision making.
  • Security and safety.

This system currently can be used in industrial indoor grow rooms, greenhouses or under cover.

Interested in Phyllo technology?

We have now partnered up with our selected Pilot Farms and are now in our second phase – the Early Adopter Program.

This stage we will work closely with large and small farms globally.

You will be able to read / watch and track the progress of our pilot farms on here over the coming months.

Interested to find out how using our lidar/ AI technology can help you,  then fill in the form below.

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